Acting pictures


As a way to explore deeper aspects of myself, I tried out a career in acting. I started this new path during my modelling career but it did not take me very far. Here I present some pictures to evoke this path that I eventually discarded.


Page under construction: I will soon hang more pictures  from the film "Pa d'Àngel" and the TV3 program "Les claus de vidre".

TV3: Est˛c de Pop

One of  my first jobs was to present the program "Estòc de pop" in the then newly created Catalan autonomic TV channel, TV3. The program, directed by Elena Posa and shot by Manuel Huerga, initially engaged me as an actress to play a lively character whose adventures in Barcelona's cultural scene introduced performances and interviews in unusual places. Eventually, it got reduced to programs shot in the studio and presented by the director. Xavier Guardans' picture captures without ambiguity, the boredom I felt at the change. Read more about the program in Six months after having been engaged into the program, TV3 fired me without having even been legally contracted and without any compensation whatsoever!


Picture from the film "Pan de ángel" (1983), directed by Francesc Bellmunt, in which I played the secondary feminine role. My character was Diana, a clever young journalist, very active, whom, unfortunately, was too concerned about her older boyfriend's worries.