Artistic Actions


Breaking the rules! Against mind/body dualism: a space for the valuable”, Art-Hostess of Prod-Couch Surfing New art genrder, Les Salonnières (Ibiza 2-3 September 2015). Project financed by BCN Producció ’14 Decentralized Projects.


"Waiting", I took part in this action inspired in Faith Wilding's poem, and organised by La Quinta Pata, 25 November against gender violence, Barcelona. 


Nobody Knows I’m a Native”, author, against gentrification of Barcelona’s Old Town, in collaboration with Les Salonnières, Barcelona, February 2014.


Registro”, coordination in Barcelona of colective action by artista Yolanda Dominguez, 5 February 2014).   


“Nobody Knows I’m a Feminist”, author, performance in collaboration with Les Salonnières, Barcelona, March 2013. Piece selected to be part of the archive Re.act.feminism (Berlín).


“POSE No. 5”, collaboration with artists Yolanda Dominguez and Les Salonnières, 


 “Nobody knows I’m a feminist", Barcelona (2011). Photo: Luisa Ortínez & Benet Soley.


"I'm a dead man", Colaboration with conceptual artist Tres, Pictures taken in Paris, Berlin, Beijing and Edinburgh (2007-2008).


Silent Cocktail ”, Colaboration with conceptual artist Tres, LITERATURA CON Ñ: Paisajes literarios del siglo XXI en España, Cervantes Institute, Beijing, 18-19 December 2007.