ˇDivinas! Modelos, poder y mentiras

Winner of the 43rd Anagrama Essay Prize

¡Divinas! Modelos, poder y mentiras (Divine! Models, Power and Lies) has won the 43rd Anagrama Essay Prize. The members of jury were Salvador Clotas, Román Gubern, Xavier Rubert de Ventós, Fernando Savater, Vicente Verdú and the publisher Jorge Herralde. The text is a daring academic, personal and political study that researches fashion models from a interdisciplinary perspective not lacking sense of humour. You can buy it here

Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad (main editor, co-editor Leticia Sabsay), Editorial Egales, Barcelona (2012).


Ten years after the translation into Spanish of Judith Butler's Gender Trouble (El género en disputa) Patrícia Soley-Beltran & Leticia Sabsay gather in Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad (Editorial Egales, Barcelona, April 2012) six readings of Butler's work from the Spanish academic context. Beyond the reigning Butlerophobia or Butlerophilia, contributors Elvira Burgos Díaz, Jesús González Fisac, Pablo Pérez Navarro, Lídia Puigvert, Leticia Sabsay and Patrícia Soley-Beltran, cover a wide range of disciplines while sharing an approach from the standpoint of performativity. The book includes an interview with Judith Butler carried out by Soley and Sabsay.

Transexualidad y la Matriz Heterosexual: un estudio crítico de Judith Butler, Edicions Bellaterra, Barcelona (2009).


Commend by Prof Judith Butler: "Patrícia Soley-Beltran shows in a most persuasive way that transsexuality is not altogether distinct from the idealized gender norms that govern ordinary heterosexual life. Soley-Beltran suggests that 'performing femininity' is something that both men and women can do, and that 'feminine' and 'masculine' are complicated social performances that shed light on how gender is regulated through the structure of phantasy. Moving in a compelling way through feminist theory, medical and psychological discourse, and advertising, Soley-Beltran helps us to see gender norms in their phantastic dimensions, showing us as well that the difference between transsexuality and normative gender within heterosexuality is not as different as we may presume."

Judith Butler is Maxine Elliot Professor in the Departments of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. You may listen to the audio of the book presentation in the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, with Judith Butler. 

Cos i Identitat de Gènere, Reflexions en femení, 27, Centre Francesca Bonnemaison, Diputació de Barcelona (2010). Popularising booklet on the social construction of gender identity from the perspective of the body and visual discourses. Hard copies freely available in all the libraries belonging to the Barcelona Regional Council or in electronic version clicking here.