Collaborators and Fan


I like Les Salonničres!

I like Les Salonnières, an artists' group whose work you can visit in

I like Yolanda Dominguez!

I enjoy collaborating with artist and performer Yolanda Dominguez for her work hits  clear and strong on stereotyped representations of femininity. 

Artistic collaboration

I am interested in silence conceptually and as practice. Thus, it was a pleasure for me to collaborate with Tres, multidisciplinary artist centred in the research on silence. If you visit your website, you will be able to see some of my pictures in the series "I'm a dead man"., most specifically Beijing, Edinburgh, Berlin and París. This one was taken in Edinburgh in Spring 2008.  These and other actions by Tres appear in the book "TRES - THE ACTIONS 1981-2008" (ZAMMIT Edicions, Barcelona 2009).


Research Group

I am a member of Cos-logia, an interdisciplinary working group interest in body matters and based in the Catalan Institute of Anthropology. You may visit our website at and (Miroir magique, Magritte 1929).

Man on Wire

or walking in clouds

I was very impressed by James Marsh documentary on Philippe Petit, the poetic tight trope dancer. I saw the film in its European premier in the Edinburgh Film Festival. Petit & Marsh were there answering the public's questions although, as Petit acknowledged, his performance is beyond words... Don't miss it!


Great song!

How could I resist not including in my link pages this positive 1971 hit by the group "MIddle of the Road"!