Course coordinator and lecturer


Pompeu Fabra University, Open Programs: "Vive la differénce? New Femininities / New Masculinities6 May-5 June 2014).


Open University of Catalonia Open Programs: “Body Cult in Contemporary Society. Introduction to the Sociology of the Body and Identity” (2012-current). 


Sa Nostra Foundation - University of the Balearic Islands, "Body culture in fashion and advertising",  Ibiza (2 Nov - 14 Dec. 2010).


Summer University of Ibiza and Formentera, University of the Balearic Islands, Summer course "Utopic paths. Culture and counterculture in Ibiza" (September 21-25, 2009).


CaixaForum Foundation Conference cycle “The Social Construction of Identity. Body, Gender and Culture” (Barcelona & Madrid 13 Jan-24 Feb 2009).


Universitat de Barcelona. Summer courses: “Els Juliols”.

2008: "Silence in Contemporary Culture" (joint coordination with silent activist Tres)

2006: “The Social construction of the body, image and Desire in Media”.

Summer University Balearic Islands (Menorca, Illa del Rei), co-organized by Universities of Barcelona, Jaume I & Mahó City Council.

2008: “The Value of Silence in Contemporary Culture” (joint coordination with Tres and Lis Costa)

2009: “The social construction of Body and Desire" (joint coordination with Dr. Oscar Guasch). 


Museo del Traje, (Fashion Museum, Madrid) “Models of Seduction. The social construction of Beauty, Glamour and Desire” (Fall 07).