I hold a Master of Arts in Cultural History by the University of Aberdeen and I'm a Doctor (PhD) in Sociology of Gender by the University of Edinburgh. My book Divine! Models, Power and Lies has received the 43rd Anagrama Essay Prize (2015). I am member of the Research Group History of Science Studies (University Pompeu Fabra), member of the working group on the body “Cos-logia” (Institut Català d’Antropologia), founding member of the International Society for Cultural History and Editorial Board Member of Critical Studies of Fashion and Beauty. My books are Transexualidad y la Matriz Heterosexual: un estudio crítico de Judith Butler (Bellaterra, Barcelona 2009) was commended by Prof Judith Butler (Berkeley University) and Judith Butler en disputa. Lecturas sobre la performatividad (editor with Leticia Sabsay, Egales, Barcelona 2012).


I lectured on History of Science and Scientific Culture, Cultural Sociology, Sociology of the body and fashion; Sociology of gender, sexuality and science; Sociology visual communication of fashion at graduate, postgraduate and doctoral level at several universities and educational institutions such as the universities of Barcelona, Autonomous of Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra, (ELISAVA, IDEC) Girona, Interuniversity Institute for Women and Gender Studies (IIEDG), Catalonia’s Open University, Faculty of Communication Blanquerna (University Ramon Llull), University of the Balearic Islands, Vic (BAU School of Design) Escola de la Dona - Centre Bonnemaison, Institute for the International Education of Students (IES - Barcelona) and Istituto Europeo di Design (Barcelona). I regularly coordinate seminars, courses and conference cycles at institutions, universities and cultural foundations, such as CaixaFòrum Foundation (Barcelona & Madrid), Museo del Traje (Madrid), Els Juliols de la Universitat de Barcelona, Fundació Sa Nostra (Balearic Islands), amongst others 


I was born in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter in the 60s. My schooling took place in Escola-Estudi Pippo, an unconventional educational centre inspired in the pedagogic model of the Instituto Escuela, set during the Spanish Republic. Pippo was directed by Neus Salvat, the sister of reputed Brechtian theatre director Ricard Salvat. The Salvat family and its extraordinary team of lecturers trained me not to take anything for granted and to read between the lines. They instructed us in the political, social and cultural realities of late Francoism and taught us to think of stages as a space to reflect upon personal identity and social transformation. To grow up in a family with a long professional tradition in restaurants allowed me to be a precocious spectator of the great theatre of the world from a privileged observing space. I worked in media as fashion model, actress and TV presenter between 1979-1989. She currently presents interview TV program Terrícoles, at BTV (Barcelona Televisió, Barcelona Town Council) on Thursdays. 
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