Media Features


After the announcement of the 2015 Anagrama Essay Prize last April, I've been dozens and dozens of media. I'm very grateful for the attention and the good reviews of my book. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to share them all in this space. For this reason, the features at your left are incomplete. You can find updated information in the News section, Facebook and Twitter. 


I presented Terrícoles, an interview program at Betevé (Barcelona city TV, June 2016-Feb 2017). I interviewed Manuel Castells, sociologist author of The Network SocietyJosep María Esquirol, philosopher, Premio Nacional de Ensayo 2016; Luna Miguel, poet and instagramer; Yolanda Dominguez, artist and activist; Raphael Nagel, finance expert; Ana Carrasco-Conde, philosopher specialised in evil; Jaume Sisa, galactic singer; Alicia Kopf, artist and writer; La Chana, flamenco dancer; José Manuel Ferrater, fashion photographer, Las Kellys amongst many others that can be watched here. In the picture with David G. Torres, art curator of PUNK in MACBA.