Modelling pictures 2nd look


A real cut

My first picture with short hair (1981). I felt empowered by this "masculine" look, although it was clearly marked as feminine. Photography: José Manuel Ferrater for Llongueras.


My look inspired Hogar y Moda to cast me as Tintin for an amusing editorial story photographed by Toni Bernad (1981). For this picture I figure myself as Tintin in Chicago.

More tomboy

Another of the Tintin series. He also needs to sleep... This picture is also by Toni Bernad for Hogar y Moda, a long standing fashion magazine that ceased to exist at the end of th 80s.

Fashion ad

An ad for a fashion line by the Spanish department store El Corte Inglés, one of the early mass produced fashion designs in Spain after Francoism. Photography: José Manuel Ferrater (1982).

Fashion editorial

Fragment of a composed three double pages for Dunia, one of the new fashion magazines after Franquism addressed to a "new woman". I was very dissapointed with this editorial since I wanted to be a model because I identified the job with the images of a sexy woman, and this look was very far away from my expectations. However, in the Dunia's TV ad, in which I was the protagonist, I appeared with several different looks. Although I did not identify myself with any, at least it presented some diversity. I am afraid I do not know the name of the photographer for I cut the pages so badly I cannot recover it.

A shot

I was not very happy with the chamaleonic demands of the industry, albeit I was good at it, so I started making other pictures for my book aiming to essay new looks. Not that this one made a great difference from the typically smiling character I usually played, but it is cute, I guess. Photography: Roberto Suárez.

Another shot

 More shots for my book. During this shooting, an anonymous passer-by shouted at me: "travesti!". I am still pondering about his intervention from the perspective of gender performativity theory. But, was it a compliment or an insult? Please, anonymous passer-by, if you read this get in touch and care to share your impressions with me. Photography: Desirée. Stylism and make-up: Estrella Elorduy.