Modelling pictures: advertising


I did loads of advertising with my short hair and my apparently fireproof smile. I shot more than 35 TV spots (around half of them as sole protagonist) in many different guises: youngster, proffessional woman, young mother, more mature housewife and so on. I was slightly confused at my own versatility. During the viewing of a film in early 80s Spanish TV, it was possible to see up to three different ads of mine, each one of them featuring a look that was incompatible with the other two.

Coke's Euphoria

A picture for a Coke calendar in Germany representing euphoria: one of the feelings most displayed in advertising. I cannot remember in what month of the calendar year the picture actually appeared, but during the actual winter shooting in Málaga, the water's temperature was not like bathing! What looks here like fresh exhilaration caused by the ingestion of Coca-Cola is in fact the result of me frantically jumping up & down in order to avoid freezing in the cold water.

More euphoria...

Once again, I display great excitement, this time suposedly due to the effects of (false) champagne and the lovely dress (a copy of nice Kenzo design by Daniel G.). Photography: Montse Campins for Hogar y Moda. Euphoria was a feeling I was often asked to display, since my innocent and youthful joi de vivre initially allowed me to perform it on demand.

Always posing

One of the many ads for night clothes and underwear I shot for different labels. Photography: José Manuel Ferrater. 

Young mum

I shot several campaigns for Prenatal, the first Spanish label that dared to design clothes for pregnant women that escaped the rigid appearance traditionally prescribed. Their catalogues' look was very fresh. Others followed and also engaged me. Thus, "young mum" became of my avatars. Photography: Mike Merchant.

More edgy..

Far from young mum... another short hair by New Look. Photography: José Manuel Ferrater.

Summer wool

Keeping my smile up at noon under the scorching Spanish August sun for a more conservative image. Photography: Jordi Farrús. My own make-up, my own stylism, as it was often the case in Spain in the 80s.


I felt far removed from this look, even though the clothes were mine (or my mother's). I made the earings and the necklace. Photography: Roger. Make up and stylism: you guess.