Research posts



2008-2009 Scholarship “Francesca Bonnemaison for Equal Opportunities and Gender” (2008-2009), Office for the Promotion of Equality Men-Women, Governmental Council of Barcelona region. Project: “Body, Gender and Identity. Towards a critical Pedagogy of the Social Construction of Bodily Ideals".


2008 (Spring) Visiting Research Fellow, funded by the Carnegie Trust, Sociology Department, University of Aberdeen. Project “Beauty, Autoethnography and Silence. The Limits of Sociological Vocabulary”. 


2001 (Jan-June), Postdoctoral Scholarship, Department of Universities, Research and Information Society - Government of Catalonia (2001). Proyecto: "Cos i identitat: etnografia de models professionals" , afiliado al grupo de trabajo del Departamento de Història Contemporània de la Universitat de Barcelona.