CANAL SUR, PROGRAMA TESIS, 6 febrero 2016. 


TERRÍCOLES, BTV, Barcelona Televisió, 23 Diciembre 2015. 


FLASH FASHION, NTN, 18 Junio 2015.


DIVENDRES, TV3, 16 Junio 2015. 


PARA TODOS LA 2, TVE2, 8 Junio 2015. 


ELS MATÍNS DE TV3, TV3, 21 May 2015. 


Round table on politicians’ sexist comments, Program 8 Al dia amb Josep Cuní, 8TV, Friday 16 May 2014. 


Expert opinion on contemporary body culture, Minidocumentary in Para Todos la 2, TVE2 Wednesday 14 May 2014. 


Desire”, program Amb filosofia, Directed by Emili Manzano and Xavier Antich, Canal 33 (9 November 2012).


Round table about 60s fashion, Montse Tejera's program "Para Todos la 2", TVE2, 26th May 2010.

Consultant for Preston Sharp, celebrity designer in US reality TV (ABC show “Extreme Make-Over. Home Edition”), who invited me to participate as consultant in the pilot program for his new show “Make Over my Make-Over”, turned in LA June 2009 and produced by Relativity Real. Is it becoming real?


Expert guest invited to a debate on sexist advertising in TV3 (Catalan TV), Els matins de Josep Cuní, 20 Nov. 2008.
Actress playing Pepa at "Les claus de vidre", detective contest, directed by Jaume Fuster, TV3, 1986. 
Presenter "Estoc de Pop", TV3, Directed by Manuel Huerga, 1983.