La Riera (2010) TV3

It is the story of a family that runs a restaurant in a fictional town in Maresme, not far from Barcelona. The action begins when the patriarch of the family, Ignasi Guitart, gathers his wife and children to explain that he will leave the restaurant's address and leave Sant Climent. The news, totally unexpected for all, provokes an emotional shock and a change of roles in the family. The four children (Claudi, Ernest, Lluís and Sergi) and the mother (Mercè) are the main characters around which the main plot revolves.

Les claus de vidre (1986) TV3


Pa d’Angel (1984) 

Francesc Bellmunt

Barcelona, 1983, Agustín, a forty-year-old lawyer, a man of the left, atheist and past with clandestine political struggle, discovers that his daughter has been secretly baptized at the age of 15. Esther, her daughter, has reached her conversion through the influence of the optional classes of religion taught by Mossen Pacerisas, a progressive and modern priest. The father's friends will be surprised how Agustín reacts to his daughter's religiosity, practically the same as his parents before atheism.