2018 Author of "Count on us! Guidelines for cultural programming with gender equality", comissioned by the Department of Gender Transversality, Barcelona City Council. Read it in Catalan or in Spanish.


2017 Study "The social consequences of over-indebtedness in Spain", Fundación Nagel (2017).


2014-2015 Report “Gender perspective in the Humanities degree", Projecte PlaQuid 2014-2015”,

Center for Innovation and Lecturing Quality (CQUID) Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).


2004/05 International Education Consultant Brethen Colleges Abroad (United States) in Barcelona.


2001/04 Head of the Office for the Promotion of the Universities of Catalonia, Interuniversity Council of

Catalonia, Department of Universities, Research and Information Society, Generalitat of Catalonia. The tasks included: generating the strategic plan for the promotion; implementing marketing campaigns, image design, advertising, publications, etc .; expansion of international networks in the academic, institutional, cultural, business and diplomatic spheres; organizing the presentation of the universities in international education fairs and other events; implementing and coordinating promotion offices in China and other international locations, coordinating local and international teams, and other related tasks