1995 / 01 University of Edinburgh: Science Studies Unit, PhD in Gender Sociology: "Transsexualism and the

Heterosexual Matrix: A Critical and Empirical Study of Judith Butler's Performative Theory of Gender "Thesis Directors: Dr. Martin Kusch (Professor, Dept. History of Science, University of Cambridge) and Dr. Steve Sturdy (University of Edinburgh) Thesis officially recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology (2004).


1999 University of Vienna: doctoral research stay, Department of Philosophy and Social Studies of the

science, doctoral stay (January-March 1999).


1993-95 University of Aberdeen: Master of Arts in Cultural History (Honors).

Degree officially recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology (2002).


1993 University of Aberdeen: Erasmus scholarship in the Department of History.


1991/93 University of Barcelona: courses in Cultural, Cognitive, Political and Economic Anthropology; Geography,

History, History of Art and Methodology of Social Sciences.


2013 Gender, Feminism and ITs, ACSUR-Las Segovias, Women and Development NGO (fall 2013).


2013 Through the looking glass: from autobiography to fiction. Online creative writing course, Librería Relatoras, Sevilla

(June-September 2013).


2012 Escriure amb humor, Creative writing course with humor, Isabel Franc, Ateneu Barcelonés, Barcelona (January-

March 2012).


2011 Reporting and documentary techniques, Editrain, October-November, 2011.


2011 Workshop script for television and radio, Mediacat-Editrain, September-October 2011.


2005/07 Autobiographical fiction, creative writing workshops by Nora Almada, Librería Próleg, Barcelona.


2001 Graduate "Dona i Desenvolupament" (Women and Development), Dr. Adriana Kaplan, CIDOB Foundation

(Center d'Informació i Documentació Internacionals a Barcelona), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


2000 Master Class by Prof. Judith Butler, Utrecht University, "Norms and Agency in Transsexuals' Discourse".


1996 Teaching techniques: "Active pedagogy, course design and dynamic teaching for foreign students," International

Education for Students (IES- Barcelona), 2006. Courses at the Center for Educational Development, University of Aberdeen, 1995-1996.


1994 Erasmus Intensive Program: "Word and Image in the Culture of the Renaissance and the Baroque: The

Emblem and its literary context "[Word and Image in the Culture of the Renaissance and the Baroque: the Emblem and its Literary Context], University of Aberdeen.


1979/86 Studies of music, dance, theater and film history: Frank Marshall Academy of Barcelona and various

schools and workshops.