From 1999 to the present, I teach teaching in feminist theory, sociology of the body, gender and fashion; sociology of gender and science; and sociology of the media at graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in various universities and educational institutions, such as the University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra (IDEC, ELISAVA), Oberta de Catalunya, of the Balearic Islands, Institut Interuniversitari d'Estudis de la Dona i Gènere (IIEDG), Universitat Ramon Llull, Universitat de Vic (BAU), Escola de la Dona - Center Bonnemaison, International Education of Students (IES-Barcelona), Istituto Europeo di Design, Fundació CaixaForum , Madrid Fashion Museum, etc.





ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) "Methodology Seminar" (in English), joint doctoral program with the Winchester School of Arts (2014-2016).


University of Barcelona, "Anthropology of cos, stigma and social exclusion", Modul: Research in Social Anthropology: Exclusions, Identitats, Diàspores, Master in Anthropology and Ethnography, Departament d'Antropologia, (courses 2009-2010, 2010-2011 ).


Ramon Llull University - Blanquerna. Doctorate on-line "Comunicació i Humanitats": doctorate course "Mitjans de comunicació i representació de la realitat. Estereotips de gènere, cos i sexualitat "(2007).


Autonomous University of Barcelona. PhD Program "Gender and Sexuality Studies," PhD Course "Sociology of the Body and Sexuality" (2006, 2008).


Pompeu Fabra University. Doctorate program "Història de les Ciencies," Doctorate course "Sociologia del cos. Gènere, Ciència i Tecnologia "(2006).


Universitat Jaume I. Doctorate of Philosophy, Program "An interdisciplinary approach to gender studies", course "To gender or not to gender: Performativitat i acció" (2003).


Autonomous University of Barcelona. Department of Health and Social Psychology: "The Performative Gender Theory of Judith Butler's: A Theoretical and Empirical Approach" (2002).





Principal thesis director Julieta Vartabedian, Project "Trans (formed) bodies: beauty and transgenderism, an intercultural ethnography of aesthetic ideals in Spain and Brazil". Dept d'Anthropologie i Història d'Amèrica, Universitat de Barcelona. Doctorate completed in 2012 with the qualification of Summa cum laude.





Institut Interuniversitari D'Estudis de les Dones i Génere, Official Master in Estudis de Dones, Gènere i Ciutadania (2009-2011) face-to-face course "Gènere, poder i cultura: Perspectives metodològiques i polítiques d'intervenció", module Cos, gènere, identitat i fashion. A sociological perspective Theoretical introduction to the sociology of cos and fashion. Course 2010 "Cultural representations of gender and sexuality", on-line modality (2009).


University of Girona. Master's Degree in Communication and Art Criticism, course "From feminist criticism to queer theory" (2008-2012, master discontinued).


ELISAVA - Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Master in Fashion Design, course "Sociology of the body, consumption and fashion" (2007-present).


IDEC - Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Master in Fashion Communication, course "Fashion, Body and Communication" (2007-present).


European Institute Di Desing. Masters "Fashion Management" (2012-currently); "Fashion Marketing", course on "Sociology of the body: fashion and fashion" (2007-2009).




ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). "Serveis i Societat de Consum" (2014-present).


Open University of Catalonia. "Seminari de gènere" (2011-2016), Directorate of TFGs (2012-2016); BA in Humanities; "Gender and Sexual Identities: theories and socio-political aspects" (2007-2009), "Anthropology of the Body" (2006-2008), Degree in Humanities; "Sociology of the Media" (2006-2007), Degree in Audiovisual Communication.


Universitat Pompeu Fabra "History of science and scientific culture". Dept Humanitats (gener-març 2014).


Bau School of Design "Iconography and visual perception" (2009-2010), Bachelor of Design.


Espai Francesca Bonnemaison, Service for the promotion of equality policies, Diputación de Barcelona. "Theory and Praxis. The thought of Judith Butler in relation to the politics of gender "(May 12-26, 2007); "Sociology of the body and fashion" (2005-2007, credits recognized by the U. Pompeu Fabra).


Institute for the International Education of Students. "Women in Mediterranean Literature" (IES - Barcelona, 2005-2008, credits recognized by various American universities such as Berkeley, Yale, Pennsylvannia, New York, etc.). Supervision of advanced student projects "Honors Research Methodology Seminar".


Institute Europeo di Design. "Sociology of Consumption and fashion" (2006).


University of Edinburgh, Sociology Department. sessions of "Sociology of the Human Body" (1999-2001).


University of Aberdeen, Cultural History Unit: sessions of "Modern Times" Senior Honors (1995-96).





School of Equal Communication, City of Lalín-University of Pontevedra "Talking dolls, Ethics and aesthetics of beauty models in advertising and fashion" (July 16-19, 2013).


University of Barcelona, Faculty of Fine Arts, Master "Artistic Production and Research", subject "Llenguatge grafico a la contemporaneitat", class "Modes de Ver. Of odalisques, saints and heroes to the Supermodel of the year, visual representation, power and desire" (March 2009).


University of Barcelona, Els Juliols "Esthetic Surgery. The cirurgia del cos i l'anima "(July 07).


Institute Europeo di Design, Course on organization of fashion events, "Fashion and models," Barcelona (Nov. 2006).


Museu Tèxtil i de l'Indumentària. "The staging of genres in fashion shows", Curs Moda y Media, Barcelona (2006).





University of Edinburgh, Sociology Department: "Social Theory" (2000, 2001).


University of Aberdeen, Cultural History Unit: "Approaches to Culture" (1996).




Academic seminar, Judith Butler's discussant, together with Parvati Nair (United Nations University) and Marta Segarra (UB). Co-organized by CCCB and UNU-GCM, 6 November 2015.

Institute Català d'Antropologia-Institució Milà i Fontanals / CSIC, Coslogia, Working Group "San Deseo: Spiritual rhetoric and cult of the body" (Barcelona 18 December, 2013).


Interuniversity Master in Gender, Identity and Citizenship, University of Cádiz "'No-Body is perfect'. Transsexuality and performative practices ", Seminar" Livable Bodies: Identities, Genders, Sexualities "(Cádiz, May 27).


Cos-logia, Institut Català d'Antropologia (Barcelona) "Divínas! The cult of the body as a belief system "(February 16, 2011).


Institut Interuniversitari d'Història, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, "From the performative theory of gender to genderfuck: Butler and the queer theory", V Conference on Relations of Gènere. Qüestionant el gènere, April 27, 2010.


Institució Milà i Fontanals-CSIC, "Fashion models with national productions, an imatge in colors?", Converses d'Arqueologia i Antropologia al Raval, Barcelona (26 Feb 2009).


Leeds University, Center for Interdisciplinary Research, "" Fashion modeling. An historical and autoethnographical approach ", (May 28, 2008).


University of Aberdeen, Cultural History Group, "A Cultural History of Fashion Modeling", (May 6, 2007).


Higher Center for Scientific Research (CSIC), "Coslogia" Research Group, "Bellesa i poder. A cultural history of fashion models ", June 12, 2007.


Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Institut d'Historia Jaume Vicens Vives, "" Transexualism or the medicalització del génere: a historical and sociological reflexion, "13 March 2007.


University of Edinburgh, Seminars Department of Sociology: "Modeling Femininity. A Cultural History of Fashion Models as Ideal Embodiments of Normative Identity, "Oct. 18, 2006.


Universitat de Barcelona, Dept. Anthropology Doctoral Seminar: "Anthropology of the body and gender: methodological aspects of an ethnography with transsexual informants" (9 May 06).


Cambridge University, P.S.Y. Studies. History of Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Allied Sciences, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Seminar: "Sex, Subjectiviy and Agency. Lessons from the Sociology of Transsexualism ", March 15, 2006.


Universitat Ramon LLull, Higher School of Industrial Disseny (ESDI) Fashion Line, Seminar "How beautiful we are! Models and glamor: the body as a sign ", May 04.


Universitat de Barcelona, Departament d'Història Contemporània, "Noves propostes des de teoria de gènere: performative theory by Judith Butler", 23 May 2001.


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Seminaris d'Estudis de la Ciència, "Aspectes comparatius de sociologia del transsexualisme", 4 April 2001.


Lancaster University, Women's Studies Seminars, "Transsexuals Identity: Agents or Patients?", March 5, 2001.


Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) "Transexualism or the medicalització del génere: a reflexió sociològica", 16 Feb. 2001.


Center Sociologie de l'Innovation, Ecole des Mines (Paris) Seminar of Prof. Bruno Latour, "Bodies as Artificial Kinds: Matters of Transsexualism", 10 Feb. 2000.


Vienna University, Department for Philosophy of Science and Social Studies of Science, "A Sociological Reconstruction of Judith Butler", January 28, 2000.


Cambridge University, P.S.Y. Studies. History of Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Allied Sciences, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Seminar: "Transsexuals: aspects of a cross-cultural comparison", 19 May 1999.


University of Aberdeen, Gender / Sex / Academy Seminar. International Woman's Week, 'Feminist attitudes to models: beyond right or wrong', March 16, 1996.




1994-2000 Beginner and intermediate levels for the Open University, University of Aberdeen, Napier University, Wallace College, and Adult Education Diputación de la región Grampian.